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Increasing Net Profit and Operational Efficiency

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"As the Speaker Coordinator for the PMI Orange County Chapter, I had the distinct pleasure of having 

Dr. Melvin J. Rivers as a breakout session speaker for our 2012 Annual Project Management Conference. 


Dr. Rivers knowledge and expertise in the area of Leading Virtual Multicultural Project Teams was informative, entertaining and extremely insightful. He kept the audience on the edge of their seats with tips on not only how to build high performance virtual teams, but also how to effectively lead these teams by understanding and embracing the cultural differences that inevitably exist between virtual team members. Dr. Rivers also provided all of the attendees with take-aways on how to lead and delegate responsibility and tasks to virtual multicultural team members, that they could implement the very next day at work. I highly recommend Dr. Melvin J. Rivers for any type of speaking engagement where people want to understand the variables involved in working with and leading virtual multicultural project teams, regardless of the size or background of the audience.


If you would like any more information about my work relationship with Dr. Rivers, please email me at” 


Kevin W.Reilly, PMP, CSM, CSPO    





“Dr. Rivers brings a complete package of excellent analytical ability and common sense. He is a diligent consultant, thorough in his work, and accomplished in his delivery of projects and presentations. Dr. Rivers is a formidable asset when it comes to discussions in areas where he is proficient. Come prepared with good information, reasoning, and insight, or don't engage him at all. Above all else, Dr. Rivers is a gentleman with grace and charm rooted in professional ethics and intelligent performance. He is truly an asset to any endeavor.”

Charles Williams, MHRM




"Dr. Rivers is an over-achiever who keeps the goal in mind when tasked. I appreciate his tenacity and most of all the integrity in which he conducts himself. A true professional is what you get in Dr. Rivers.”



Che Johnson




“I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Dr. Rivers. He has demonstrated outstanding leadership and maintains a clear sense of purpose. Dr. Rivers is an outstanding extemporaneous speaker and debater. He has consistently exceeded the expectations  of his clients.  His committment to excellence is steadfast and dependable. He is a great mentor and friend. Dr. Melvin J. Rivers is an "Excellent Leader" and I recommend him to any organization or institution that wants to have a true leader on their team".


Janise Knight, MBA




“Phronesis Consulting Firm provides businesses both large and small with the unique opportunities for success. Dr. Rivers has professionalism, loyalty, and straightforward business applications. They will guide you to meet business goals leading to Financial Success!


Anthony Kornegay, MBA



“In his blog on Dr. Rivers provides thought leadership on what project managers need to know in order to successfully lead strategic business initiatives. He takes management concepts, breaks them down and honestly shares his approach with his readers.”


Margaret Meloni, Owner, Meloni Coaching Solutions




“I am happy to recommend Dr. Melvin J. Rivers. In the time I have known this man, he has proven to be a man of integrity and honor, and I can confidently say that what ever the task may be, this man will accomplish it, as promised".....


Simon Zelikman, President, Emmanuel's Doorpost