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Increasing Net Profit and Operational Efficiency

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 Strategic Management


Formulate the company’s mission, including broad statements about its   purpose, 

philosophy, and goals.


Conduct an analysis that reflects the company’s internal conditions

and capabilities.


Assess the company’s external environment, including both the competitive and

the general contextual factors.


Analyze the company’s options by matching its resources with the external



Identify the most desirable options by evaluating each option in light of the

company’s mission.


Select a set of long-term objectives and grand strategies that will achieve the most

desirable options.


Develop annual objectives and short-term strategies that are compatible with the s

elected set of long-term objectives and grand strategies.


Implement the strategic choices by means of budgeted resource allocations in

which the matching of tasks, people, structures, technologies, and reward systems

is emphasized.


Evaluate the success of the strategic process as an input for future decision




How do you develop "STRATEGY" ?


     Do you develop Strategy as plan – a directed course of action to achieve an intended set of goals; as a pattern – a consistent pattern of past behavior, with a strategy realized over time rather than planned or intended; as a position – within the market, based on the conceptual framework and bounded rationality of the organization; as a ploy – a specific maneuver intended to outwit a competitor; or as a perspective – a "theory of the business" or natural extension of the mindset or ideological perspective of the organization?


     “Phronesis” is the Greek word for practical wisdom.  It is the capability to consider the proper mode of action in order to deliver change and enhance the quality.  Phronesis involves not only the ability to decide how to achieve a certain end, but also the ability to reflect upon and determine that end. 


Phronesis is concerned with how to implement Best Practices in Business.  The principles of action are applied to real world situations in balance with other considerations. 





Is your company prepared for a global initiative? Do you have the infrastructure to support the market? Phronesis Consulting Firm will provide you with the Best Practices to embrace the future. 


We specialize in Organizational Strategic Development, Behavior Modification, and Change Management


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Areas of Expertise



Program/Project Management


Executive Leadership Coaching, Guiding, and Training


Strategic Intent Consulting


Defining the company's Mission, Goals, and Objectives


Advising, and Designing Strategic Initiatives


Change Management


Organizational Behavior Modification


Developing Management and Supervisory Skills


Business Plan Development



Website Design


Operational Assessment


Identifying Training and Operational needs


Improving Organizational Communication


Improving Work Performance / Operational Efficiency


Increasing Employee Motivation



Achieving Customer Satisfaction and Brand Recognition / Loyalty


Enlarging Market Segment


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We will assess the culture, operations, communication level and infrastucture to facilitate your Mission Statement.


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